Whether you’re looking for the best no-rinse bathing wipes or shower wipes, look no further. You’ve come to the right spot. This article will give you all the info you need about finding the best shower or bathing wipe just for you.

Having a mountain of brands and fancy names to choose from makes it hard to figure out which one you should go with. Hopefully, this quick and informative read will help you in your quest for cleanliness.

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What are shower wipes?

So, what exactly turns a normal wet wipe into ‘shower wipe’ status? Is it the size, the moisture level, active ingredients, or a combination of them all?

As it turns out, there is a difference between normal wet wipes and shower wipes. It lies in how they’re manufactured and what ingredients are used to assist in the cleansing process.

Generally, most wet wipes will have the following features:

  • Made from biodegradable materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dye-free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Contain some sort of cleaning agent

Shower wipes on the other hand are designed not only to meet these standards but also have the following features:

  • A larger cloth size
  • No-rinse needed
  • Contain skin moisturizers
  • Paraben-free

In essence, shower wipes are a cleansing cloth that are generally larger in size and are engineered to clean the body while providing some level of skin care. They can contain fragrance, however most do not. Wipes are used to remove unwanted microorganisms, body secretions, and odors.

Shower wipes are not meant to replace taking a bath. They are only a temporary solution to bathing. Whether it’s for convenience or for providing care, shower wipes have proven to be an effective way of staying clean when used properly.


When do you need to use shower wipes?

As we went over in the previous section, shower wipes can be used for various purposes. You can use them when a traditional tub or shower is unavailable, when you are camping, or even at home or in the hospital for bed bathing. They can be also used for a quick bathing solution when you’re on the go and don’t have the time to jump in the shower. For instance, if you’re at the gym and don’t have enough time to hit the showers.

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How to use shower wipes

Most healthcare professionals would recommend using shower wipes to clean one section of the body at a time. Despite their large size, a single shower wipe will not provide adequate cleaning for the entire body.

You should use one wipe for the following areas:
1 – face, neck, & chest
1 – left arm
1 – right arm
1 – perineum (privates area)
1 – left leg
1 – right leg
1- buttocks

You should use one wipe per area to avoid transmitting germs from one body part to another. Another tip to remember is to wipe proximal to distal. Meaning you should start at the center point of your body first. Example; chest to shoulder, shoulder to elbow, elbow to wrist, then wrist to finger tips.

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How to select the right cleansing cloth

Choosing which wipe to buy really depends on your needs. Whether it’s for a quick wipe down or a thorough clean will tell you which route to take. Not to mention your budget. Some of these wipes can offer a ton of features that may not be needed for your situation. Be sure to read the details to avoid overspending.


What to look for when buying shower wipes

But what else should you be looking for in a shower wipe? Something that is alcohol and paraben-free is a great start. Here is a quick recap as to what parabens are.

Bouclème’s founder, Michelle Scott-Lynch said, ‘Parabens are a type of preservative, first introduced in the 1950s. They’re used to prolong shelf life in many health and beauty products by preventing the growth of mould and bacteria within them.’

Ok, so far they don’t seem to be too harmful, just another preservative, right? Wrong.

Parabens can be absorbed through the skin. They have been found to mimic the function of hormones like estrogen and can trigger an irregular increase and multiplication of breast cells. Tumor cells being one of them. This factor is why parabens have been linked to breast cancer and some reproductive issues.


Where to buy

Shower wipes or cleansing clothes can be bought pretty much everywhere. You can find them in your local grocery and outdoor sporting goods stores and several online stores. Although they are convenient to purchase, please remember that it’s the details of the wipes that you’ll want to know first before buying.

Take our USA made cleansing cloths for example. Because we know how shower wipes should be used appropriately, we’ve taken the extra step in making it easier for you. We’ve prepackaged 12 cloths that are ideal for a temporary bathing solution. Perfect.

They measure an impressive 12” x 8” and are alcohol and paraben-free. Our cleansing cloths are soft and do not require any rinsing. They are also enhanced with natural ingredients like manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E. You can check out our dispersible cleansing cloths here:

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We have even invested in the engineering of them to be dispersible. They are made using natural biodegradable fibers that will break down over time in water. We’ve done this as a precautionary measure in the event they are flushed. We do not recommend that they are flushed.

There are a lot of wipe manufacturers out there. You should do some research before your next purchase. It’s a good idea to review the manufacturer label or website for more info.



We hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick recap of shower wipes. We know that there is a ton of information out there. You should now know which is right for your needs. You should also know what to look for in bathing wipes. If you made it this far, you’re a wipe pro! Congrats!

Please send us a message if there is anything else you’d like to know. We love to help everyone. Our customers often have multiple needs and we try our best to satisfy them.  We provide superior wipes to multiple healthcare centers throughout the US. We also service small senior living centers and urgent care facilities. Stay healthy!