Pet Wipes


  • Conditions with coconut water & vitamin E

  • Disinfects using chlorhexide digluconate

  • 42 large – 8″ x 8” wipes in each pack

  • 12 packs in each case

  • Alcohol free & paraben free

  • Soft, gentle & rinse-free

  • Cleans & deodorizes

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Are you looking for the best pet wipes for your furry friend? Our wipes contain Vitamin E, Coconut Fruit Juice, and Coconut Water for optimal skin conditioning. They are safe and effective in cleaning of folds, paws, and your pet’s entire body. The large surface area of these wipes make them ideal for pets of all sizes and shapes. As you can tell, we’ve crafted them out of love using some of the finest natural ingredients Mother Earth has to offer. These are the perfect solution to giving your fuzzy companion a safe and effective cleaning wherever you may be.

Pet wipes Dogs
MEET NORM, French Bulldog. Believes that wrinkles add character. Prefers to have his folds
wiped in the morning, after a good bowl of kibble. Loves ‘Dogs Barking Jingle Bells’. Will stop
eating your stockings if you put alcohol-free pet wipes from The Wipery in his.
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Active Ingredients: Chlorhexide Digluconate
Other Ingredients: Vitamin E, Real Coconut Juice, Fresh Coconut Water.
Suggested Use: 1 wipe per cleaning. Use as often as necessary. Discard after use.


Usage Recommendations

You can use these incredible pet wipes as often as you need. Whether your using them as a dog wipes or cat wipes, they’ll perform just the same. Simply pull one from the convenient, resealable pouch and use directly on your pet’s skin or surface.


Benefits of Pet Wipes

Having the ability to easily clean up after your pet can sometimes be difficult. It’s not like we can walk around with a bathtub attached to our hip, right? Finding a simple solution to keeping our dog or cat feeling, and smelling fresh is important. After all, who wants to own a stinky pet with a dirty bottom?

dog in tub

Most dog wipes and cat wipes that you’ll find online are pretty small in size. It takes a few, at the least, to get a solid clean. That’s why The Wipery Pet Wipes come in a standard 8″ x 8″ size to offer better cleaning and protection from the occasional messy ‘oops’ that might happen while trying to wipe a nervous or excited pet. This is one situation that you generally don’t want to put your finger on.

A great benefit of our pet wipes is that they also contain Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which is a special compound that is widely used as an antiseptic agent. This topical antibacterial element attacks those nasty microbial cells and breaks them up by destroying the cell membrane of the unwanted germs.


Are Pet Wipes a Good Idea?

Absolutely, they are! Although it might seem like a silly question to ask, it’s actually a great idea to understand just why. Aside from the obvious smell and possibility of an accidental smear, there is an even more important reason.

How about avoiding an infection or painful swelling around that extra sensitive area? Having fecal matter dry and stick to the skin can cause severe irritation and even lead to an itchy rash. This can eventually lead to your pet either scooting around on his or her bottom to alleviate the discomfort. If not addressed, they can scrap that area unknowingly with foreign objects, leaving tears in the skin. This is where infections can begin. Not to mention the unpleasant matting that can potentially occur with long haired pets.

As you can see, using pet wipes is an excellent idea.

One last thing to remember, having a clean and happy pet is not only great for your pet, but also a healthy practice for the home. After all, because they’re cuddling pros, it makes them ideal candidates to spread unwanted germs to loved ones.

cat wipes are important

We hope that these quick tips and facts help make your home safer and clean for you and your pet. Cleanliness is a great starting point for comfort.

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