Not all wipes are created equal.

Engineered using top technology. Crafted out of caring.

Our mission is to provide a selection of high-quality, premium cleansing cloths that perform.

Developed by a single medical supplier, right here in the U.S.A., these superior cleansing cloths are engineered to clean, kill germs, and nourish the skin. Conveniently available to purchase in low minimum bulk orders.


Durable and Flushable

Who said dispersable wipes needs to be thin and fragile? Not us. Our wipes are developed to perform.


Professionally Formulated

Each one of our cleansing cloths were specifically designed for optimal effectiveness.


Pleasantly Aromatic

Our make-up remover towelettes are naturally fragranced with a soft, balanced aroma of fresh lavender.


Naturally Nourishing

Developing a cloth that not only cleans but moisturizes was first on our list. Mission accomplished.


Protects Against Germs

We’ve added an additional layer of protection against germs, making patient care the priority.


A Terrific Value

Durable, high quality cleansing cloths with great pricing and low minimum bulk orders.

Do Your Current Wipes Measure Up?

Our Motivation

Founded in the genuine spirit of wanting to help others, The Wipery’s story and mission statement are lived out in three core areas. 

Our Philosophy

We can’t think of a better way to show that we really care about our customers than by helping spread comfort, happiness, and well-being, through pure and positive energy while creating easy access to our amazing products.

Our Goal

To continue in improving the health care experience of all customers, patients, and caregivers by providing quality and dependable products at an affordable price. We believe caring never ends.

Our Product

After years of research, development, and feedback of testing different formulas, saturation and types of cloth with healthcare providers and consumers, we can proudly say “We got it right.”

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“Having been part of the first group to use The Wipery’s products was a fun discovery. I never thought I’d be so excited over wipes but, these are definitely a game changer. I’m a total customer for life now.”

Brett Vasquez

Nursing Home Coordinator – Anaheim , CA

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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