Convenience is key. As the world begins to focus more on personal health and safety, it has become powerfully clear that cleanliness is essential for the quality of life. Getting clean is easy, but staying clean is the hard part. A stressful day may require a mid-day shower, but home can be miles and miles away. Sometimes, we need something more versatile than normal hand wipes in these situations. Germs do not discriminate, they love every part of our body equally! So how can convenience and cleanliness equate to comfort and safety? By using the body wipe you really need. 


Body wipes are like hand wipes, but much bigger. The idea of the body wipe is centered around convenient cleaning. Sweat, debris, food, liquids, and other things come into contact with our skin throughout the day. Some can be stinky, or sticky. Body wipes were created to give consumers a convenient way to clean themselves in the moment without having to go take a shower. There are many examples, especially in working-class America, where convenient body cleaning is necessary and effective.  


Hygiene On The Go

Hygiene is often overlooked in the grand scheme of self-care. We have gym memberships and take spin classes. We eat vegan and go see a therapist for mental health. But what about hygiene? In the world of convenience, hygiene doesn’t get enough attention. We know you work two jobs and hit the gym afterward. Or you take yoga before going to pick the kids up. Or any variation of lifestyle that minimizes the time you have to freshen up properly. It’s time for the busy professional to experience the intersection of technology and convenience when it comes to hygiene. 

wipe at gym


Body wipes are an excellent alternative to conventional bathing, when caring for others, or for personal rinse-free cleansing on the go. Hand wipes are too small to take care of larger jobs, such as cleaning spilled food or refreshing up after a hike. Of course, there are baby wipes. But baby wipes are infamously horrible for the environment and can leave you feeling strangely sticky afterward. Instead, body wipes like The Wipery’s 12″ X 8” Extra Large Dispersible Adult Cleansing Cloths are safe for the environment, moisturize and revitalize skin, and are super convenient. And let’s not forget about these little ones!

reasons why you need a cleansing cloth


Cleansing Cloth Size Matters

Our extra large dispersible wipes give you more bang for your buck because of their size. Think about it, would you buy a smaller or a larger paper towel cloth? Obviously, a smaller paper towel cloth would mean that you would use more to clean. On the other hand, if the paper towel is large, you can do more with less. The same works for our adult washcloths. The bigger the size the better the value. 

the body wipe you need


We Sweat The Small Stuff

Our washcloths are alcohol-free and paraben-free so those with sensitive skin can use them with peace of mind. Alcohol is infamous for drying out the skin, although it is good for germs. It’s 2020 though, and we no longer have to sacrifice comfort for sanitation. Manuka honey, one of the most important ingredients in our washcloths, provides anti-bacterial benefits without drying skin.


We use manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E to construct these bio-degradable wipes. Manuka honey provides antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, while aloe and chamomile work to soothe and refresh dry or damaged skin. As we are sure you already know, when vitamin E is applied topically it nourishes and protects skin from damage caused by free radicals. The combination of these ingredients creates a superior product that makes hygiene and health convenient and easy. 


Together, We Can Save The World

As mentioned earlier, baby wipes are horrible for the environment. Most baby wipes, and other wet wipes, take 100 plus years to break down in a  landfill. That means you’re potentially polluting the world for hundreds of years every time you use non-biodegradable wipes. Imagine how much damage to the Earth is done by just one person using baby wipes for a lifetime? The body wipe we 12″ X 8” Extra Large Dispersible Adult Washcloths are engineered to be dispersible in water and will safely break down in the environment. That way, those who care about the environment don’t have to worry about leaving waste here that will pollute the Earth long after you have left it.


The Body Wipe Conclusion

In conclusion, The Wipery’s 12″ X 8” Extra Large Dispersible Adult Washcloths are the perfect tool for hygienic individuals. The extra-large size allows consumers to save on use, allowing for each package to last longer. The combination of manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E creates a soothing and nurturing effect that helps moisturize and revitalize skin. To top it all off, our biodegradable products are safe for the Earth. If you’re a socially aware hygienic individual that finds themselves caught up in the mechanical grind of life, Wipery’s 12″ X 8” Extra Large Dispersible Adult Cleansing Cloths are right for you.