Convenience and cleanliness are essential now more than ever. Whether it be something as simple as cleaning your hands, or more complicated tasks like bed baths, consumers are always looking for the perfect solution to bridge the gap between convenience and cleanliness. That is where body wipes come in. We are often too busy to unclothe and take multiple showers a day, but you can wipe your body.

 Body wipes were created for the busy consumer. The consumer that goes to the gym before work, or that heads to the grocery store after pilates. In those on-the-go moments where you want to feel fresh, but have nothing but napkins and body spray; that is where body wipes come in. But now that you have the body wipes in your possession, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to get clean. Although there is no official way to clean yourself with body wipes, we’re going to teach you how to wipe your body the right way. 


How To Wipe Your Body

Body wipes are perfect for thorough cleaning on-the-go. When wiping, there are two methods you want to keep in mind. The first is, you should always start from the head and move down to the toes. Do not just start from a random limb, or begin at the midsection. Always begin by wiping the head, neck, and face first. The second method to remember is: always wipe from the center of your body, to the outside. 

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Begin by wiping around the eyes. Start from the inner corner of the eye and wipe to the outer corner. Continue this movement with the entire face. From there, you can begin to move down the neck to the chest, arms, hands, stomach, legs, and feet. As you wipe from the inner body to the outside, take note of dirt and grease accumulating on the wipe. Be sure not to go back and use a soiled wipe on an area you have already thoroughly cleaned. 


More Size = More Value

When you wipe your hands, possibly with baby wipes, the size of the product is sufficient. Those regular size wipes would inevitably fail consumers trying to handle a more significant task. A larger wipe is needed for the body, one that packs value into its size. The Wipery’s 12″X8″ extra-large adult body wipes provide extra body coverage with each wipe. Our wipes are an excellent alternative to conventional bathing. It is also handy when it comes to caring for others or personal rinse-free cleansing on the go.


Bed Baths

The Wipery’s extra-large dispersible adult body wipes are optimal for those who must perform bed baths. Typically, a bed bath is performed to help wash someone who cannot leave the bed. You may need to administer an entire bath or just help clean specific areas in this circumstance.

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We Care About The Small Stuff

Each one of our 12″ x 8″ wipes is uniquely formulated for the gentlest and most extraordinary clean you have experienced outside of a shower. They are dispersible and safe for well-maintained septic tanks. Our products are alcohol and paraben-free. We use a therapeutic mixture of manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E to provide our customers with a superior product for their skin. 

Manuka honey has antibacterial, antiviral, and healing properties. Aloe and chamomile fight against free-radicals on the skin and provide anti-inflammatory properties of their own. Of course, as we are sure you already know, Vitamin E is considered an anti-inflammatory agent and is crucial in protecting the skin from UV exposure. Together, these ingredients intertwine to lend their natural healing and cleansing abilities to our wipes. 


Environment Friendly Body Wipes

The Wipery’s extra-large dispersible body wipes are made of all-natural bio-degradable fibers. Our product can safely break down in water, unlike most other wipes. We are especially proud of this feat, because we are passionate about leaving a better Earth behind for our children. Many baby wipes and other body wipes do not break down in water, and cause massive pollution issues while also damaging people’s sanitation systems. Although our wipes are bio-degradable, we do not recommend throwing them in the toilet. Even toilet paper can cause clogging sometimes. 

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Wipe Your Body Right

Wiping carefully should result in the maximum expulsion of germs. Remember, wipe from the center of the body to the outside, and start from the head and work down to the toes. This will reduce the chances of spreading germs by directing all of the waste in the same direction. Our cleansing cloths are antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory, which means our product is working hard to clean, sanitize, and de-stress with every wipe. 



If you’ve never used a body wipe before, maybe now is the time to start! The benefits of being able to get fresh and clean on-the-go are tremendous. No more using body spray and washrags to quickly clean up in the car. With The Wipery’s 12″X8″ extra-large dispersible adult body wipes, consumers get cleanliness and convenience. Always remember the methods to wipe your body the right way. This helps to reduce the spread of germs, and also makes cleaning organized. 

If you’re a hygienic individual that is also passionate about sustainable products, The Wipery’s body wipes are right for you!