Are you considering using body wipes after workout sessions? We totally get it. Nothing feels better than an intense workout. The feeling of heaviness and fatigue that comes before the acute soreness can feel rewarding. But while your muscles were pulsing and your heart was racing, you pumped out enough sweat and grime to fill an empty gallon jug. Gross. While some gyms have showers, that might not be your thing. That’s why body wipes after a workout are essential. 


Work Hard, Clean Hard

How can a wipe replace a shower? Easily. The Wipery’s cleansing cloths make convenient and efficient cleaning a reality. The extra large size makes them the perfect body wipe after a work out. Clean those crevices and hard to reach areas that somehow elicit the worst smell and grime. Our fresh wipes are

cleansing cloths for gym

 alcohol-free and paraben-free, which means they are great for those with sensitive skin, and also amazing for those delicate areas.

So how can these body wipes provide a proper cleaning after a workout if they have no alcohol? We utilize a special formula of manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E to provide a deep clean. Manuka honey is antibacterial, anti-viral,  anti-inflammatory, and has antioxidant properties. Instead of using alcohol, which dries your skin, we choose an all natural product that nourishes and strengthens skin as it cleanses and heals. 


The On-The-Go Lifestyle

Yes, we know that you’re busy. Your trip to the gym may be before work, or after. Most people squeeze their workout time into their schedule, which means they have tons of important things to do both before and after their session. These cleansing cloths are the perfect solution for the on-the-go lifestyle. They are convenient, concealable, and easy to use in any setting. Want to freshen up in the car? No problem. How about in a bathroom stall? We got your back. We understand that your workout may be packed into a tight schedule, and our wipes are here to compliment your lifestyle, not complicate it. 

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Body Wipes After Workout That’ll Work As Hard As You

That last set you got in before leaving the gym was impressive, and our wipes are just as spectacular. Other than the revolutionary benefits of manuka honey, we also use aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E in our wipes. Vitamin E is known to protect and heal skin, which is why it is used in almost every sunscreen in the world. Chamomile, when applied topically, is an anti-inflammatory agent that assists with the elimination of acne scars and fights break outs. Aloe is another absolutely amazing plant. When used topically, aloe can help treat acne, burns, scars, and dry skin. It contains  enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and antioxidants that are vital for the skin’s continued health. Lastly, cucumber provides hydration for the skin. It also reduces swelling and puffiness, while seeping into the pores and nurturing your skin.  Each one of our post workout wipes are constructed with only the best ingredients for your skin. There are no better body wipes for after a workout on the market today.

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Be Clean & Save The World

The Wipery’s 12″ X 8” extra large cleansing cloths are the best body wipes after a workout because not only are they good for you, but they’re also great for the environment. Our wipes are biodegradable, unlike most wipes. When you throw away baby wipes and many other wipes, you are contributing to one of the worst kinds of pollution on the planet. Many wipes will take up to 100 years to break down in the environment, which means every time you use them, you’re potentially leaving a 100 year pollution footprint. It’s a good feeling to know that using our wipes will not only keep you clean but will also help our environment.


Gym Wipes Size Matter

The bigger the better, right? The Wipery’s extra large cleansing cloths offer more value because of their generous size. When you go out to eat wings, and they give you those little moist towelettes, you roll your eyes, right? Those tiny wipes are almost useless. These wipes are great to use as gym wipes because they allow you to get the most out of each use. 



Keep doing your research if you’d like. It’s always a great practice to expand on your knowledge base. Either way, we’re confident that you come right back. There are no better wipes for after a workout available today that are both good for your skin and good for the environment. Each one of The Wipery’s wipes were created by Bill Weiss, who has years in experience in the medical supply and healthcare industry. Bill was inspired by the issues that his clients were facing in nursing homes. They were dealing with cleansing cloths that caused dry skin, tears in the skin, and expensive plumbing issues. Bill consulted with Jennifer Kwon, a dermatology and cosmetics industry product expert, and was able to create our amazing cleansing cloths. If you’re an on-the-go professional that needs a convenient and efficient way to get clean after working out, we have the best product for you.