CaviWipesTM Bleach


Part No. Description
13-9100 CaviWipes Bleach (6” x 10.5”)
90 towelettes per canister
13-1175 CaviWipes Bracket
Fits all 3 CaviWipes canisters


3-Minute Universal Contact Time
against 43 pathogens including C.
Diff, TB, C. auris, norovirus, 8 MDROs
(Multidrug Resistant Organisms).

No Signal Word
No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
required, which means there is no need
for gloves, mask, googles, protective
eyewear or even a face mask.

Minimal Residue
With our patented chemistry, our
multi-purpose cleaning wipes are made
of high-substrate quality and have a
mild odor.

Fully qualified for the EPA Emerging
Viral Pathogen (EVP Level III) Claim
for all virus types (enveloped, large and
small non-enveloped viruses) to meet
current and potentially future infection
prevention needs