Despite what the television tells men, using mens body wipes isn’t the manliest thing to do. The dirt under your nails, the grease on your face, that doesn’t make you manlier than the next. In fact, it only makes you dirtier and stinkier. In the world of hygiene, many men are lightyears behind. This is because of the distracting images of dirty men and the condemnation of being clean. Why is it that so many men think the slightest form of hygienic maintenance is a threat to their masculinity? On the contrary, a well dressed, clean groomed man will command the attention of anyone in the room. That’s why men’s body wipes are crucial for the on-the-go man.

Body Odor & You
Body odor can be one of the most offensive smells on the planet, and sometimes, we can’t avoid it. You worked a double at the office today and it was a hectic day. Or maybe you want to hit the bar after a quick pick-up game with the boys. Body odor can make you stand out like a skunk at a picnic. Not only will this irritate your friends, but it will quickly dispel any possible ventures, whether business or pleasure. Men’s body wipes can help with this issue.

How about the man that works with his hands all day? Or the man that is in the hot sun for 8-hour shifts? Dirt, grime, and odor have become a way of life for these kinds of workers, but it doesn’t need to be. Freshen up on your break or after work with men’s body wipes.

Men & Hygiene
Why is it that women are sold several ways to stay clean, while men just get bars of soap with ominous scents like “gunmetal” and “winter breeze.” It’s 2020 gentlemen, and it’s time to start grooming like it. There’s little excuse to walk into any public setting with strong body odor, dirt, and grime. Studies show that women like clean men that smell good, why would you want to be on the other side of the opinion? Men’s hygiene is getting a step up with men’s body wipes. It gives men the ability to get clean effectively and efficiently.

smelly man on bus

The Solution
Our dispersible wipes can help you clean up, without hitting the shower. They have a crisp and mild fragrance that will leave a hint of freshness in the air. This means you can freshen up without the fruity or overly citron scents that many wipes have. You also won’t have the stigma of smelling like a newborn baby, which happens to those who like to utilize baby wipes. No, These men’s body wipes won’t leave you smelling like a baby or a woman. Instead, you will smell like a man should: fresh.

A Safe Alternative To Bathing
Body wipes are an excellent alternative to conventional bathing. For the man who loves to camp, where do you shower? For the man who likes to play pick up games at the public park, where do you shower? The Wipery’s cleansing cloths will help you get rid of those smelly microorganisms and grime, giving you the feeling of a bath without the actual process.

using wipes at gym

Bigger Size=More Value
Those little moist towelettes that they give you when you’re eating hot wings are tiny. They are made this way for a reason: so that you have to use more. If you have to use more, that means more money for the manufacturer. So think in reverse; that means the bigger the size, the more money you can save. Our 12″ X 8” extra large dispersible cloths give you more bang for your buck. The extra-large size allows men to clean more and save more.

Your Skin
We care about your skin, we really do. That’s why we only use the best ingredients in our mens body wipes. We use manuka honey, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E to create these bio-degradable wipes. Manuka honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral, making it one of the best kinds of honey in the world. It is also known to interact with free radicals, like an antioxidant would. The Gallic acid in manuka honey makes it a popular anti-aging agent.

The aloe and chamomile also work to sterilize, sanitize, and heal the skin. That means these wipes for men not only cleanse and deodorize, but they also disinfect and mend the skin. Cucumber and Vitamin E complete the package to offer added antioxidant properties and protection. Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin, working to help reduce the effects of UV damage and promote healing.

It’s Manly To Save The World
We take the greatest pride in saying our wipes are planet friendly. Unlike most baby wipes and other competitor wipes, our product will fully breakdown over time in a liquid environment. Most baby wipes can take hundreds of years to break down, causing massive issues environmentally. You can rest assured that when you use our mens body wipes you are helping to leave a better planet behind.

Convenience For The Busy Man
We understand that convenience is key. Many men do care about their hygiene, they just can’t find the time to take care of themselves midday. The morning and evening cleanups at home are easy, but the in-between is where hygiene takes a hit. These dispersible adult-sized washcloths are easy to store and carry around, bridging the gap between hygiene and convenience.

Body wipes for men are more important than you can imagine. Keeping clean and odor-free should not be a taboo topic for even the manliest man. Our wipes make it convenient to be clean and fresh. Not only do we use antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, but we have also constructed a fully bio-degradable product. The extra-large size also helps to give you the best value. You can be socially conscious, clean, and economic all at once with our great products. These are the best men’s body wipes around!